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20 Jun 2017

I found the tensorflow documentation rather lacking for installation instructions, especially in regards to getting GPU support. I’m going to write down my notes from wrangling with the installation here for future reference and hopefully this helps someone else too.

06 Jan 2016

I’ve been doing a lot of experimenting with neural-style the last month. I think I’ve discovered a few exciting applications of the technique that I haven’t seen anyone else do yet. The true power of this algorithm really shines when you can see concrete examples.

03 Jun 2015

I tend to use Linux (Ubuntu) on my desktop late at night in a dark room. To protect my eyes from the blinding light of my monitors I’ve tooled my desktop environment over the course of a few months to be as dark as possible. It has gotten complex enough that I thought it would be worth sharing now.

30 Jul 2014

My old website was a nice demonstration of my knowledge of Django, but I decided recently that my web development knowledge had exceeded what it was showing off. The main thing that annoyed me about my last website was that I was hosting what essentially was a static website on a web framework meant for dynamic websites. It was time for a update.

03 Oct 2013

I like to think that if only I find The Perfect Text Editor I will somehow write better and more often. Obviously this is only a tactic I use to delay actually writing anything, but I did come across something that might actually help. Draft is a writing app being developed by one guy, Nate Kontny, that has a ton of nifty features, one of its best being a version control system that allows you to send a draft to other people and accept or reject any changes they suggest. It also has a minamilistic iA Writer type interface, which focuses on the actual writing and nothing more.

24 Aug 2013

Like a lot of people, I didn’t see a clear use-case for Chromebooks. They’re just glorified browsers, right? What if I wanted to do anything outside of the browser? Why would you spend $1299 or $1449 for a computer that can only run a browser?

10 Jul 2013

It’s been a while since I last wrote, but I’ve still been busy. I began my research position at the MIT Media Lab working with Fluid Interfaces. It feels like I’m designing the future; I really couldn’t ask for a better job right now. But, more on that later.

04 Jun 2013

I’ve been moving a lot of my daily tasks to the command-line lately, and that includes redditing. I probably spend far too much time on reddit as it is, but I really wanted to find an efficient way to view reddit through the command-line. w3m could render reddit okay, but I couldn’t view my personal front-page because that required me to login to my profile.

19 May 2013

I have finally finished my second year of college. Now that finals are over, I can post about some of the things I have been working on. First, a front-end I made with a group in my SWE 205 : Software Usability Analysis and Design class. The assignment was to create a homepage for the University’s bookstore website, applying all of the usability principles we had learned over the semester. I ended up working on it when I wanted to procrastinate on assignments in my other classes, so I put quite a bit of effort into it.

26 Apr 2013

The following is a non-fiction essay I wrote for my ENGH 396: Intro to Creative Writing class. I decided to write about my experience with discovering and getting involved with the eccentric community of hackers that I met since the past two internships I’ve had at Valti and Humbug in Cambridge, Massachusetts. Seeing as it encapsulated what I’ve learned culturally since then, I decided to post it here as well.